Crooked Creek was founded in 2001 on the principles instilled in me by a farming childhood near Cheddar, Somerset, England - the home of Cheddar Cheese.

Grandma shared her baking prowess - traditional methods and values holding me in good stead ever since.

The creek which gave its name to the business runs alongside our land at Palm Grove in New South Wales amid green paddocks in clean air. Our foods, like the land with its creek are unspoilt, the appeal is their fresh and natural taste, earning an outstanding reputation. Featuring Aussie ingredients such as Buderim Ginger, Eden Garlic, Lemon Myrtle and limes grown at Crooked Creek, my goods comprise local, Australian fare. 

Made in quantities like they used to be, premium ingredients and freshness whets your appetite.

We freshly grind almonds, chop cranberries, puree garlic cloves, squeeze fruit juice - no shortcuts taken. Raw ingredients change seasonally and cooking with the weather so I keep a constant eye on taste and texture to fulfil expectations.

We make our fare in HACCP accredited bakery (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for uncompromising attention to food hygiene.

Our neat packaging minimises Crooked Creek's ecological footprint - it's the contents that count.

We deliver direct (no agents or wholesalers) so of course our foods are fresher.

We aim to trade with independent retailers ensuring they benefit by offering foods that are absent in supermarkets.

Zoe Wall

Top - Zoe delighted with this year's Champion Biscuit Award - winning the highest accolade for any biscuit entered in the RASV Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

Bottom - Our Christmas Range