About the Artist

Roberta’s drawings appear on all of our Biscuit labels. Each drawing reflects the story behind the biscuit, when one can be shared, savoured, dunked, given or gulped, topped, dipped or what they belong beside !

We were fortunate to have a valued contact in Roberta Landers when we looked for a local artist to create unique cameo drawings for our updated labels.

Roberta has many years’ experience in textile design and illustration across all facets of the fashion, textile and graphics industries. From men’s, women’s and children’s wear to homewares, interior furnishings and decoration plus all manner of product and fashion illustration. She has also designed and completed commissioned public artworks.

Roberta is accomplished in both traditional hand-drawn and painted artwork as well as digital art and design. She believes in the importance of adapting her style to suit the qualities and features of the subject and the intentions of the illustration.
It was this that Zoe was especially grateful for – it’s all too easy for the intended message to get lost; however Roberta ensured her illustrations convey the biscuit stories and our passion for our goods.

Roberta was Sydney born and bred and now resides on the Northern Beaches surrounded by her favourite Angophora trees.

The Biscuiteer

A Biscuit to me is to be nibbled or dunked

What’s the most important thing about Biscuits? A pick-me-up in a busy day or a relaxing touch of luxury with a good glass of something

Your favourite Comfort food – an omelette made with our neighbour’s free range eggs laid by her Bantams

Your favourite dish from your childhood – Toad in the hole

Where should people be eating? At home, break bread over a single pot of homemade soup with friends of course

Favourite tool in the kitchen – Wooden spoon, something about the feel of the wood which was once a living tree, as if it holds memories

What’s your coffee of choice – don’t drink it, but Tea – that’s a different story and the teas in Sri Lanka were amazing

If you could have only 3 foods in your home what would they be? Sourdough, Ripe Cheese, Ripe tomatoes (from Tony our Italian neighbour)

What’s the best advice you have received? Look up, speak up and smile.

Who inspires you? My 2 sisters, Lisa and Donna   

Where is your favourite food travel destination – why? Crete because its full of happy shared meal moments

What is the most underestimated ingredient? Butter

What is your favourite drink? Tea, followed up closely by Scrumpy Cider. I guess that’s why my Tea & Cyder Fruit loaf won a silver medal!

I make Biscuits because…  It’s second nature, they’ve always represented comfort to me, anyway a cuppa is too wet without one

If I wasn’t making Biscuits I’d be … volunteering at Wayside in Sydney’s Kings Cross or becoming a professional demonstrator against the pillaging of our precious Earth

A Pudding to me is… so full-flavoured and satisfying that you don’t need too much

A Cake to me is… reminiscent of Victorian cooks cradling china mixing bowls, methodical unhurried baking

Whats a happy memory? – from long ago seeing newborn calves suckle for the first time in the quiet of the Barn, more recent the return of Lyrebirds and Echidnas at Crooked Creek

Taking care of Cheese Biscuit dough

For our planet, for 20 years we have used recycled clean cardboard boxes to dispatch our handmade goods as part of our responsibility.

Oft Asked Questions

How do I store the biscuits?  In an old clean screw top jam jar – and never in the fridge!

What goes best with your Xmas Pudding? Serve with a blob of PURE cream (NO thickener) or, if you must, decent vanilla ice-cream or custard but they’re both too sweet really and mask the pudd’s tangy quality

1kg Xmas pudding inspiration? – Harrods

How long do the biscuits keep because I will give them as a present? They’re fine right up to the Best Before date and after that too; I’ve happily eaten my biscuits a year after they’ve been made

Nucane - the good sugar    What’s so special about nucane sugar? It’s a Low GI raw sugar that we include as much of in the recipe of a biscuit as we can without hurting the biscuit’s texture. It’s produced using Australia’s own nucane milling process that is a Sydney Uni invention. Produced at Sunshine Sugars (the NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative) in the Northern Rivers district of NSW, this sugar also retains antioxidants. It has a GI value of under 55 and, last but not least, it’s made from certified sustainable sugarcane

Why do stickers about Butter appear on the biscuits packets? We first started using the NSW butter-maker Pepe Saya’s Probiotic butter to make our Top Notch Cheese Biscuits. That was mid-2014. Then in 2018 Pepe began to produce another lovely butter made from milk produced by NSW farmers. He called it Butter from the 5th Duke !  We always try to buy from Little & Local suppliers so naturally we include these butters in our biscuits. Our Cheese biscuits in particular are so buttery that great quality butter makes a huge difference

Just Some of Our Local Suppliers

A note especially for lovers….

…..of our Ginger Pennies, Pistachio Jacks and Poppy & Wattle Seed Anzacs – We bake them so they are nice and crunchy and crispy, but if you would prefer them chewy or softer, simply leave the biscuits in the open air for a few hours to soften. It’s your choice.

….another tip for Winter time…. our Cheese Biscuits are best eaten at room temperature or serve them hot.  Spread them on a baking tray and pop them in a warm oven at 180°c for 4-5 minutes and simply enjoy.

Giving Back

Crooked Creek love to bake and we also love to give back to our community.

We proudly donate goods to

“Food for thought, especially when you don’t have enough to feed yourself”


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