Poppy Wattle Anzacs


160g Packet

Far superior to you average Anzac biscuit. Better for you with Rolled rye and oats, molasses for richness , poppy seeds for crunch and Wattleseeds impart their unique coffee note.
Poppy seeds ‘from’ the Northern Hemisphere, Wattleseeds from the South, like the ANZACS they ‘met’ together in a common cause. Respectfully honoured always.


No trans fat or seed oils
No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, soya, palm oil or GM ingredients
Retain their yumminess for 6 months

Serving Suggestions

We bake them so they are nice and crunchy, but if you prefer them chewy or softer, simply leave the biscuits in the open air for a few hours to soften. It’s your choice.
Savour anytime anywhere.


Rye flour, Sugar, Butter, Rolled oats, Shredded coconut, Golden syrup, Rolled Rye, Poppy seeds, Wattle seeds, Molasses, Salt & Bicarb of soda

2019 Sydney Royal Fine Foods Show Award Nucane - the good sugar



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Weight .160 kg

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