Smoked Garlic Cheese Biscuits with Herbes de Provence


125g Packet

Laden with Cheddar plus unabashed smoked garlic from Garlic Growers ‘Cypress Ridge’ in Queensland and Herbes de Provence from Herbies Spices.
The heady cloves and Herbes de Provence result in a rich snap, whose piquancy needs no accompaniment.
The ultimate French savoury – indulge.


No trans fat or seed oils
No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, soya, palm oil or GM ingredients
Retain their yumminess for 6 months

Serving Suggestions

Lovely with a big glass of dry deep red.  Glorious sat on your picnic rug when all you need is a drink and a nibble.
The smoked garlic is pleasing to everyone!  It is not overpowering.
Perfect to crumble over your Caesar Salad.


Flour, Cheddar cheese, Butter, Smoked garlic, Salt, Herbes de Provence, Milk & Cayenne pepper

2019 Sydney Royal Fine Foods Show Award



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Weight .125 kg

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