Little and Local

Crooked Creek

Crooked Creek tumbles between stands of Blue Gum native forest, past our lime grove into Ourimbah Valley, north of Sydney – unspoilt like our goods.
Little biscuit and cake batches are carefully baked weekly with Zoe at the helm then delivered fresh straight to store,
while puddings are steamed to mature for the seasons.

From Somerset

Crooked Creek was founded in 2000 on the principles instilled in owner, Zoe Wall, by her Dairy farming childhood.  She was reared near Cheddar in Somerset, England, the home of Cheddar Cheese and ‘Cheese Straws’. Zoe’s Cheese Biscuits now remind folk of Cheddar ‘Straws’ on the other side of the World.

Zoë’s Nana Wall shared her baking prowess and those traditional methods and values have held Zoë in good stead ever since. Her Grandad Jack’s Market Gardening business instilled an understanding of grain, veg and fruits including the famous Somerset strawberries.  Zoe helped her Nana Weakley serve guests with Clotted Cream Teas, scones, jam, shortbread and other traditional fare, all made from scratch there at the farmhouse.  Zoë’s love of all things dairy and baking came from helping in the family business of Manor Farm and she comfortably follows in the footsteps of generations.

Nana Wall & Zoe c.1978

Zoe and her mum Gillian

All hands on deck in the Manor Farm Dairy c.1968 Gillian Wall, Barbara Rose, Lisa Wall, John Wall, Zoe & Charlie Rose

Just like a good book, this website is dedicated to Zoë’s Dad, John Sheppard Wall, Somerset farmer and Entrepreneur,  1934 – 2017.
“It is all about the dash between the years”

To Sydney

Having arrived in Sydney and finding another food-lover in 1991, her feet became planted in the soil of a contrasting continent, and by 2001 she was planting Lime trees in Crooked Creek’s loamy soil and baking Cheese biscuits for her first customers.
In 2015 most of Crooked Creek’s bushland was placed in a Conservation Agreement in perpetuity with the NSW State Government and Crooked Creek’s goods, like the land with its creek, are unspoilt by the rush and tear of modernity.
With the best ingredients in creative recipes, they appeal on their fresh and natural taste, earning a cherished reputation. They are quintessentially local fare, some made with limes from Crooked Creek’s grove.  The bags, boxes, bowls, labels and artwork are all NSW made – supporting Little & Local family businesses.

Just Little And Local

With Zoe at the helm, made in little amounts and often, like food used to be, her recipes are family tried and tested and ingredients are premium so, as the packet is opened, aromas whet your appetite.
Crooked Creek directly delivers their freshly baked biscuits straight to the shops, no wholesalers or warehousing, so no unnecessary shipping or trucking and that’s less pollution too.
The goodies are simply packaged, sealing in their goodness – it’s always the contents that counts. They speak for themselves and their neat packaging minimises Crooked Creek’s ecological footprint.
Her ingredients are as natural and normal as Zoë’s two Nana’s had in the farm kitchen.  Of course they do not contain artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, soya, palm oil or GM ingredients.
By sourcing from little and local and selling to little and local, Crooked Creek helps family owned businesses continue to thrive in to the future.
Confident that her age-old standards result in honest tastes and individuality, Zoë trusts that Crooked Creek goods will be gladly remembered as superior to mass produced lines.

As John Ruskin said “There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper”


734 Ourimbah Creek Road
PALM GROVE New South Wales 2258 
Telephone: (02) 9901 4821 Mobile: 0408 471 371